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To protect the settings that really matter

“I live in the countryside. Nature is my second home. We must work to give back to every flower, tree and stream what we daily receiving from them.”


Building an eco-friendly company means first and foremost feeling that you are part of the planet. To be guests and key players in an entirety that goes beyond corporate sustainability policy.

We dreamed of making our work increasingly green from the very beginning in order to assure a human, animal and plant-friendly design at every stage. We envisage the Earth as a universal asset belonging to everyone. A place to be respected, protected and lived. That is why we set out from the beginning to build a way of working that would meet today's needs without jeopardizing the resources and opportunities for tomorrow's generations.

Sensitivity, awareness and sustainable development are the foundation of our core business. The material behind our processes is EPS foam, which is 100% recycled in order to avoid releasing new substances that are harmful to the ecosystem into the environment thereby establishing a virtuous production cycle. Excess EPS foam is donated to a company that uses this material to thermally insulate buildings to increase their energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

EPS foam is not only the material that brings our sets to life, it is also a genuine breath of fresh air that helps preserve the existence of wildlife and that safeguards countryside, forest and sea life. In other words: “the settings that really matter.”.

Stage sets designing

Every clever idea, revolutionary tool and creative concept requires the right setting in order to tell its story in an engaging way. Our EPS foam stage sets are lightweight, modular and require less time to make and transport than standard sets. We do not produce mere booths, we develop authentic designer artworks which are people-friendly journeys into your realm.

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We take a 360-degree approach to all trade shows and events setting up stages. We design the first draft and produce the project in a handcrafted manner. We take care of the transportation ourselves as well as the setting up and dismantling while following you throughout your conference, expo and event.




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