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Event setups

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We create tailor-made event setups. Every project starts from an idea and from the sketched design developed with our client. We design the plans based on the sketches and then move on to the construction and assembly, after which we ensure our continued attendance and assistance throughout the event.

What you see on paper or on a screen is exactly what you will be touching in person. Browse through the collection of our most interesting stage sets that have been designed for some of our partners around the world. You will find event and conference staging, trade show setups or designer furniture. In summary: the daily challenges and dreams (big and small) that make our craft a passion.

Fashion and television

Discover the BlackStar stage sets designed for the fashion and television industries. Exhibition booths and fashion show set-ups made to effectively interpret the stylistic storytelling of the leading fashion houses’ garments.

Discover the setups and the fashion shows


Set-ups for medical-scientific events and conferences involve many people and may have different goals. This is why they require an initial designing phase through which we are sure to achieve success. Learn about the setups that we have already built to effectively communicate tools, strategies and solutions of leading companies in the industry.

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Let your events speak the language of emotions with Blackstar’s set-ups, theater stages and set-ups for individuals. We create the best setting for your most important times.

Our set-ups in the spotlight

Architecture & Interior Design

BlackStar’s signature creations made in partnership with architecture and interior design firms. Explore tailor-made solutions that can combine beauty and functionality

Designer setups and furniture