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Stage sets and tradeshow setups

Our services for events, trade shows, conferences, conventions and the theater

Event stage sets and setupsare an important part of any business concern. They give you the opportunity to collect contacts and create unique experiences able to communicate to stakeholders, visitors and onlookers your values by showcasing your products and services.

Blackstar's mission is to help businesses to design and set-up event stage sets or booths from start to finish. This includes the setup design, construction, transportation and on site assembly and disassembly. We provide everything you need to assist your business during your most significant event and circumstance.

  • Designing
  • Transportation
  • Setting-up

The stage set is designed and then built to give way to a usable, immersive space that can support businesses throughout the event. We carefully focus on placement, target audience, graphic impact, business goals and proper concept communication.


Thanks to our logistics service, setting up for events, trade shows and conferences has never been easier. Our Team members will personally and professionally transport the sets onsite in Italy and abroad. Sets will be delivered on time and by closely following the required safety regulations.


We personally handle all operations, from setting-up to taking down and staying on hand throughout the event.

100% green. The Earth is our home, which is why our sets are produced to help safeguard our planet by using 100 percent recycled and sustainable EPS foam. Our mission

It all begins with the drive to make building dreams easier. Learn about Blackstar's background. The story of its artisans and pioneers in the making of stage sets and displays in Italy and around the world. Learn about our story